Trucking Accidents

Collisions caused by commercial trucks are entirely different than collisions caused by ordinary automobiles. Any attorney who treats a commercial truck accident like a “big car accident” is not experienced in this type of litigation. There are several aspects to trucking crashes in Georgia that make the practice unique. Without an attorney that is experienced in the field, the client can quickly lose value on a case.

First, commercial truck collisions usually require immediate investigation. Know that commercial truck drivers are often trained to call their dispatcher before they even call the police. This is done so that the commercial truck’s insurance company will be able to send their investigators to the scene to immediately begin collecting evidence.

Also, in commercial trucking cases, a fair pre-suit settlement should never be expected. The discovery process offered in litigation is almost always required to obtain certain essential documents to ascertain the value of the case. Modern tractor trailers come with advanced computer systems, often with on-board radar and satellite tracking data. Records from such systems can often only be obtained after a law suit has begun.

Ultimately, Atlanta trucking cases are more complicated than automobile cases for a variety of reasons too numerous to list. The right attorney for your trucking case will have extensive experience in commercial trucking litigation, as well as an excellent understanding of the regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If you, or a loved one, were injured by the negligence of a driver of a commercial truck, we encourage you to call The Champion Law Group for a free consultation.


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