Negligent Security

Are you a victim of a criminal act?

If so, was the criminal act committed on the property of a business or an apartment complex where you had a reasonable expectation of safety?

If your injuries were due to that property owner or business operator negligently failing to provide adequate security measures or reasonable precautions to protect its customers from criminally violent acts, you may be entitled to recover large sums of money.

These reasonable precautions could often include, but are not limited to, installing security systems and security gates, installing proper locking devices on doors, surveillance and alarm systems, and sometimes even hiring security guards, to protect against violent crimes occurring on their property.

We all hope the criminal perpetrator is caught and brought to justice, but in our criminal system, such justice takes time. Even more, do you really expect the criminal to compensate you for your injuries, your lost wages, or your pain, suffering and mental anguish? Under Georgia law, a business establishment can also be held accountable for their inaction.

If you want to hold the business operator responsible for failing to employ, often times the simplest of safety measures, contact The Champion Law Group. A negligent security lawsuit can help you recovery some of what you lost during the commission of that crime.


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