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About Champion Law Group

The Champion Law Group is a personal injury law firm serving the Atlanta community every day. Our team consists of three experienced Partners (senior attorneys), who are assisted by several Associates (junior attorneys) and Support Staff (paralegals and other trained non-attorneys). Every member of our team is dedicated to improving the overall safety of our community while obtaining justice for each and every client served by our firm.

The Champion Law Group is a personal injury practice of precision. The attorneys at the Champion Law Group specialize in handing cases where people have been seriously injured, or the families of people who have been killed, always due to the reckless behavior of irresponsible individuals or the systematic misconduct of greedy corporations.

For years, attorneys at the Champion Law Group have litigated hundreds of cases throughout the southeast region of this country, always fighting hard to achieve justice for each client. Because the American civil justice system cannot literally replace a fractured spine, a broken bone, or a grieving heart, our firm’s goal is always to maximize the financial value of your personal injury case. After a person suffers a catastrophic loss, the Champion Law Group is dedicated to helping each client, and their family, begin the process of putting their lives back together.

At the Champion Law Group, our goal is always to treat each client as we would treat our closest friends and family. We pride ourselves on always being accessible to each client, and making sure our clients understand the legal process throughout their case. We make sure that our clients can speak with their attorneys directly, not just our support staff. Our skills, experience and customer service are always just a phone call away.


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