Catastrophic Injuries

Similar to a loved one’s death, when someone is left permanently impaired due to another person’s negligence, feelings of unfairness are more than justified. When a person is left with a permanent injury, like an amputated limb or spinal injury that results in full or partial paralysis, he or she is forced to endure lifelong changes and profound hardships.

Under Georgia Law

Financial compensation is never meant as a holistic remedy, but it is often the best option offered under the law in Georgia. In permanent bodily impairment cases, there is no way to completely recover what has been lost, and make a person whole again. Such losses, by definition, are irrevocable. As personal injury attorneys, our goal then is to make sure no one escapes their responsibilities toward you.

In order to hold a negligent party responsible for the losses caused by that party’s misconduct, a lawsuit for the proper cause of action is often the best option available. Unfortunately, delay in bringing such claims can seriously damage your case. Georgia law prohibits claims from even being made after a certain amount of time has passed. Additionally, as time passes, evidence of the negligent party’s misconduct can disappear or be destroyed. Though it is always difficult amidst a serious loss, the success of a legal claim against a negligent party often depends on how soon you retain an attorney. If you have suffered a serious permanent loss due to someone else’s negligence, we encourage you to call The Champion Law Group for a free consultation. We understand that money will never replace what you have lost, but our job is to maximize the recovery you are entitled to.


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