Slip and Falls

Falls due to an unsafe condition on the property of a business happen every day. A spilled cleaning substance, an icy walkway, or a damaged sidewalk can cause fractured or broken bones, head and spine damage, or other serious, life-changing injuries. This isn’t your fault and you shouldn’t have to pay.

Under Georgia law, businesses have a distinguished responsibility to protect their customers from hidden dangers. Of course foreign substances on a business’ floor are considered a hazardous condition, but problems built into the property itself, like a decaying staircase or a hole in a paved walkway are also hazardous conditions that expose a business to a possible lawsuit. However, in order for a “slip & fall” case to prevail, Georgia law requires an injured person to demonstrate that the property owner or business operator had knowledge of the hidden danger.

To be successful, your attorney must be skilled enough to prove that your injuries were caused by a hazardous condition and that the hazardous condition was caused by the negligence of the business owner or one of his or her subordinates. If immediate action isn’t taken fast, a hazardous condition is quickly repaired, and evidence of the incident is quickly lost or destroyed. If you have been injured because of a hidden danger on another’s property, contact a personal injury attorney at The Champion Law Group and enjoy a free consultation.


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