Champion Law Group Preferred Client Program

An opportunity to fight with the best for less. Become a preferred client of the Champion Law Group and take the first step to winning your case. The Champion Law Group has been fighting for injured people and recovering millions of dollars for our clients for more than a decade. Becoming a preferred client is easy, and can be done for a small fee of five dollars per month. Being a preferred client gets you 50% off of the firm’s services in the event that you are injured in an auto collision that was not your fault.

Our firm as well as the majority of firms across the country charge a standard 40 percent contingency rate to represent clients who are hurt by negligent drivers. Our preferred clients will get the benefits of our services for 20%, and yes we still only get paid if we recover money for you. Our goal is and has been to put people first in everything that we do, and this is a demonstration of our commitment to that goal.

We recognize that in your darkest hour it is most important to make sure the person who has been injured keeps as much of the recovery as possible. For the person who has lost so much, we know that Winning is Everything.

It’s time to join the winning team and do what winners do, win.


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